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Curious Facts of Japanese Culture Worthy of Admiration

Are western people really so different from the Japanese? It’s easy to conclude that yes, mainly because the Japanese society is characterized by a strong framework of values sustained in peace, respect for others, efficiency and order.

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Demystifying Girls on Karate

For a long time, women, pressed by social norms, always looked for activities that helped them look more beautiful which naturally kept them out of sports that could mess up their looks. But this tendency has been in decline for some time: Now women are much more oriented towards achieving strength, energy, security and well-being.

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The Origins of the “Dan/Kyu” Degree and the Meaning of the Belts

According to the ancient Japanese tradition, the human being energetically and symbolically possesses a scale of colors, and in each one of them are represented their own temperament, humor, feelings, imagination and is influenced by them in all their moods. The colors have symbolic associations that appear in rituals, dresses and Japanese art.

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Is There an Age Limit for Learning Karate?

Usually, when someone approaches the dojo and asks if they can start practicing despite their age, the sensei automatically repeats that there is no age limit to start learning. It’s not uncommon to hear stories about some practitioners who started on this path after their 40th birthday, for example, and who managed to master the art to reach the coveted black belt.

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Meaning and Symbolism of the Degree

“Dan” as a term, dates from a previous era, was used to differentiate the level of the adept in the different stages of progression in the martial arts. The Degree was used to determine the progression of the disciple and could be in three levels: SHODAN, NIDAN and SANDAN (low, medium and high level). Read more

Karate Video Lesson #53


Contrastingly, martial arts are combat styles that are aimed at self-defense. There are different styles and many schools that specialize in different martial arts disciplines. Let’s see the best martial arts for self-defense in our blog.

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