Japanese Vinyls Are Very Popular Among Collectors

Vinyl records are still produced all over the world. Even though the number of press shops is small today, some manufacturers, especially from Japan, have an excellent reputation among collectors. Japanese vinyl producers release their records in limited editions, which are the most expensive in Europe. Music fans love vinyls from Japan, because of several

The Legend Is Alive

The Legend Is Alive

Bruce Lee was an icon of martial arts all his life. Martial arts icon Bruce Lee died unexpectedly on July 20, 1973, at the age of only 32, just as he was about to get started in Hollywood. The flick became a colossal success posthumously, sparking a veritable boom in martial arts films and making Bruce Lee the biggest star of the genre. In retrospect, the movie fulfilled the expectations that Bruce Lee and the production company had of it. It was supposed to open the American market for movies of the martial arts.

The Japanese Samurai Sword Sport Today – Kendo

The Japanese are well known for their affinity with religion and martial arts. In many of movies that are viewed in today’s audience, we always see a deep connection between religion and martial arts. Martial arts are considered to be the way to bring justice to those who have been wronged. However, in the eyes of faith and culture, martial arts are seen as a way to clear the mind and bring peace to the soul. Martial arts in Japan and any other country with Asian culture. They include the all famous, karate, Kung Fu, Aikido and as well as the lesser known but all the while practised Kendo. Kendo, however, like most styles and types of martial arts does not use the force of strength; instead, it utilizes weapons such as swords.

Some Karate Superstitions You Didn’t Know

Athletes, especially those who compete at a semi-professional or professional level are, by nature superstitious creatures. There are many who have rituals regarding clothes, protections, gestures, and actions that they think can be decisive to improve a record or winning combat. Superstition and Sports Superstition and sports are closely linked. Sometimes in the form of

How Martial Arts Can Overcome Autism

Martial Arts are for everyone, from young kids to adults, elder people, and people with disabilities or special conditions. Kids within the autistic spectrum have a difficult time with social interactions and sports skills, not being able to focus for long periods of time and losing interest in said activities, except perhaps, martial arts. We

What’s a Ninja?: A Short Story

The ninjas were spies that were active mainly between the XV and XVI centuries during the period of the States at War. Today the image we have of them is the one created in modern cinema and literature, which in many points is far from reality. Ninjas, Now and Then The word “ninja” began to

The Top Martial Arts for Self-defense

Martial arts are about knowing how to defend yourself against a potential enemy, rather than knowing how to attack others. A characteristic feature is the exclusion of any kind of firearm or weapon and the techniques used, which differ from street fights which often focus on attacking as much as defending. Contrastingly, martial arts are