The Origins and Significance of The Budo

As the code of honor that the foundation of all martial arts is based upon, the Budo is a legendary practice. There are limitless forms and types of Budo that are known to the world. Some of these forms and types include world-famous, judo, aikido, and karate. Alongside Iaido, Ninjutsu and the Batto-do. However though

Some Karate Superstitions You Didn’t Know

Athletes, especially those who compete at a semi-professional or professional level are, by nature superstitious creatures. There are many who have rituals regarding clothes, protections, gestures, and actions that they think can be decisive to improve a record or winning combat. Superstition and Sports Superstition and sports are closely linked. Sometimes in the form of

Is There an Age Limit for Learning Karate?

Usually, when someone approaches the dojo and asks if they can start practicing despite their age, the sensei automatically repeats that there is no age limit to start learning. It’s not uncommon to hear stories about some practitioners who started on this path after their 40th birthday, for example, and who managed to master the