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Demystifying Girls on Karate

For a long time, women, pressed by social norms, always looked for activities that helped them look more beautiful which naturally kept them out of sports that could mess up their looks. But this tendency has been in decline for some time: Now women are much more oriented towards achieving strength, energy, security and well-being. Now, they are breaking many myths about women in martial arts.

Every year, more and more girls dare to put on a Karate Gi and proudly wear it on competitions around the globe, demonstrating what it looks like to ‘fight like a girl’, but for many years the pioneers were kept away from dojos with silly excuses. Let’s review some of these myths together:

The Dojo is no Place for a Woman

Because Karate is an activity with contact, there is an idea that in the dojo violence reigns among its practitioners. Actually, a combat practice is the opposite, it aims to eliminate any desire to harm among practitioners as it detracts from the spirit of practice, the desire to harm promotes excessive contact, injuries and lack of concentration. On karate, the goal is to learn to use aggression (an innate component of the human being) to master situations of violence (attacks of anger, desires to harm others), in an atmosphere of cordiality and respect.

You’ll Become Masculine

There’s a widely known idea that some kind of exercises will increase undesired muscle mass on the female body, this is false. No matter how many push-ups a girl can do, she’ll never grow exaggerated muscles because women don’t produce the testosterone for it. And in the matter of movements, the katas require an artistic and aesthetic feeling, almost like a dance, so women are pretty good at it.

Fighting with Men

Some women, for any reason, are not comfortable doing contact sports with men. Most dojos respect this and have classes in a separate room just for women, with a female instructor. Of course, that mix practices are encouraged because it increases the practice of the art, but karate is about respect to the individual and the sensei is compelled to respect the will of their disciples.

I Bruise Like a Peach

Yes, in fact, some exercises can leave bruises and hematomas, but it depends on the particular biology of every person. Some people have more fragile capillaries than others, and this will depend on the intensity that the student puts into the exercises. If somebody doesn’t want to do any intense activity (for any reason, like injuries, soreness, tiredness, avoiding bruises or whatever) is in their right to refuse to do it and instead do something more in line to their particular disposition at the time. Anyway, the regular physical activity improves the bodily function, which means better health and a stronger body that heals faster, this makes the skin resistant to bruising as easily as those who don’t practice.

Too Old for This

Luckily, there are many groups for people over 60 years of age setting an example to the rest of us, to make the rest do a humble recognition of that there are no limitations, more than the ones we put on ourselves. Also, there’s a lot of benefits of physical activity and meditation for elderly women.

There are no excuses!

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