The Most Important Classic Martial Arts Movies

The line between reality and fiction often becomes blurred in martial arts movies; on the one hand, the flying characters in 2000 classic Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon are not realistic, but the moves that they use are based on the real martial art of Wushu (or Chinese Kungfu). In seminal films like Bruce Lee’s Enter the Dragon or Jackie Chan’s Drunken Master, the protagonists are performing all of their own stunts and are accomplished martial artists. However, the storyline playing out around them is, of course, fictional.

Demystifying Girls on Karate

For a long time, women, pressed by social norms, always looked for activities that helped them look more beautiful which naturally kept them out of sports that could mess up their looks. But this tendency has been in decline for some time: Now women are much more oriented towards achieving strength, energy, security and well-being.

Some Considerations Before Signing up to a Dojo

Let’s learn a few new words that will be omnipresent on this blog: First, Dojo (道場) that literally means “place where the Way is practiced” or “place of awakening”, it’s a training room for martial arts or meditation (zen). Traditionally it is ruled by a Sensei (先生) or teacher (this word in Japanese means “more